Script support is currently quite limited. No progress feedback or completion feedback is provided; if an exception occurs, the script will terminate and an error dialog will be shown. Better support and more capabilities will be provided in future releases.


Scripts allow automation of tedious or time-consuming tasks. Scripts are powerful tools and should only be used by expert users.


Scripts may be executed by choosing 'Run Script...' from the 'Administrate' submenu of the 'File' menu. Pick the script file that you want from the file chooser and the selected script will be executed.


The only command currently supported is 'set-address' which allows a device's IP address to be set. Required attributes are "mac" and "ip"; optional attributes are "netmask" and "router" (which default to "").


Currently, scripts must be created via a text editor. Scripts are XML files; the easiest way to create one is to take the example below and edit it. The file extension for script files should be ".dw-script" or ".dws".

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE com.bardac.script SYSTEM
  <set-address mac="0-4-bb-0-0-1" ip=""/>
  <set-address mac="0-4-bb-0-0-2" ip=""
  netmask="" router=""/>