Set a Device's IP Address

To set the IP address of a device, you must know its Serial Number (MAC address) which is printed on its label. Choose 'Set Device IP Address...' from the 'Administrate' submenu of the 'File' menu.

Enter the relevant information into the dialog box. You can specify routing information if required (this would typically only be done for unusual or complex networks).

You will be asked to confirm the change.

The 'Set IP Address' dialog box will then reappear with the MAC and IP addresses incremented. This is to facilitate setting multiple devices; you may edit these addresses or, if you do not wish to set another IP address, simply click on the cancel button.

When setting device addresses, the software uses local multicast frames. If the computer has a firewall, you will probably need to open port 48556 for UDP.
WindowsXP firewall special information
You should ensure that the address that you use for a device can be reached from your computer (i.e. check your computer's IP address and net mask against device addresses).
We recommend that you turn off local device auto-discovery while setting device addresses.

If your drive.web system is to be integrated with an existing TCP/IP network, it is imperative that you coordinate with that network's system administrator - assigning an invalid or duplicate address will cause malfunctions.