Network Troubleshooting

I cant see some of the drive.web products in the Device Directory.

I see a white box with an IP address, but it is locked.

When trying to set a devices IP address, I get an exception.

Some of my LINK LEDs are not lit.

When Im running savvy, I get Java language exceptions.

The savvy software tool uses the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) to make it operating system independent. Most Windows computers have the JRE installed at the factory while Mac OS X has the JRE incorporated into the operating system.

Sometimes, the installed Windows JRE version is not the most current (or lacks features required by the latest release of savvy). To check the version installed on your Microsoft Windows computer, from the start Menu choose the RunĶ command and type cmd.exe, then click the OK button.


At the command prompt type java version:


If not installed (or corrupted), the command will not be recognized. The latest JRE for Windows (as well as other operating systems) can be downloaded on the worldwide web at

Im not sure my computers IP address is on the same network as my drive.web-ready devices.

To check the active Ethernet adapters (and their associated IP addresses) on your computer, run cmd.exe from the start Menu and type ipconfig:


Confirm the IP address and subnet mask for the hardwired network adapter is on the same subnet as the drive.web-ready devices.